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Angie's Secret Garden Personal Chef Services provides chef services in Denver Colorado, and surrounding areas. The Company also offers Nutrition Consulting services, Catering, Private Party Food Preparation and Cooking Classes.  Chef Angie owned and operated a restaurant, and several cafes, where she honed her skill in preparing numerous menus full of delicious food for her patrons. As a natural chef, and trained nutrition consultant with a holistic orientation, Chef Angies job is to make your life easier by preparing food that is convenient, nourishing, healing and rejuvenating.

Having carefully crafted meal plans, which ensure that your diet is full of healthy delicious recipes, is a sure way to combat the frequently poor diet choices that we all succumb to, at times, due to our busy schedules.  How does having three days, at a time, of delicious healthy food delivered to your door by a personal chef sound?  Satisfying your hunger with recipes that are packed with optimal nutrition is the best way to combat food cravings, and support your bodies journey toward optimal health.  Why not have this goal in place along with the convenience of prepared food delivered directly to your door?

Personal Chef Services

Take advantage of Angie's years as the owner-operator of several cafes and a restaurant that focused on only the healthiest options available.


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Cooking Classes

Cooking classes are a great way to learn new skills while having fun with a group of friends! This is a great gift, and is guaranteed to both entertain and educate.


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Private Parties & Events

There is nothing quite like providing an enjoyable time for your friends with a fantastic spread of delicious healthy food without being distracted by its preparation! Enjoy your company while letting me worry about prep, cooking and cleanup!

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Nutrition & Health Coaching

As a Holistic Nutrition Consultant Angie is uniquiely qualified to help you discover the path to optimum health thorough battery of tests, including a hormonal assessment, which can be an invaluable guide to your overall health.

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Private Cook Services - Serving Denver

Many of my clients are looking for the convenience of having healthy food delivered to their door.  However, I specialize in cooking for individuals who have specialized dietary restrictions which might be due to suggestions from healthcare professionals as a result of allergies or illness.  I also support those who are wanting to explore a variety of new dietary choices for general health, energy and weightloss/weight gain. I strive to cook with only the best seasonal, organic and local ingredients as they are available. 

Avoiding the use of preservatives, and products with unnecessary toxins, is a priority that my clients appreciate.  This basic bias toward clean healthy food is the base as I support clients with various diets such as paleo, AIP and numerous others.  I have helped many lose weight simply by intelligently modifying their daily diet plan.  Having earned my certificate as a Nutrition Consultant from Bauman College I am qualified to provide a full nutritional evaluation of your specific situation.  Should you choose, we will explore your blood chemistries which will give us a detailed snapshot of your body's weaker areas - nutrient and hormonal levels being a top priority.
Many of my clients comment on how nice the extra time that hiring a personal chef allows them to spend with their families. Being able to focus on those relationships, rather than on having to cook has made a difference for them. As we all know, managing our time has become a bigger issue with each passing day and freeing it up is as important as ever. Give hiring a personal chef a try and experience the benefits for yourself!
I enjoy cooking for private parties & events, as well as catering for other special occasions. I also enjoy teaching - do you have a group of friends that would enjoy getting together for a short class on a variety of cooking techniques and dishes? Give me a call! I provide cooking services for all areas between Boulder and Denver. My goal is to help you build new and healthy dining habits, should you need them, without the required hours of planning, shopping and cooking. I will help keep you on track to achieve your nutrition and health goals!

Private Cook Testimonials

In a nutshell, shes been fantastic! It was a huge load off my shoulders when I was able to stop thinking about whats for dinner? I was expecting the time savings of day-to-day meal prep and cleanup, but was astonished to realize how much mental energy meal planning (and worry/guilt about lack of planning) had been taking it off, everything has been delicious and we feel as though we have a restaurant in our refrigerator to select from each night! As an added bonus, my husband has lost 20+ pounds and is back to his high school weight.
Allie & Ryan - Denver, CO
"I had Chef Angie come to my house to cook my family dinner. She made an incredible four course meal. It was extremely fresh, filled with flavor and healthy to boot. Everyone present loved it. Somehow she always seems to have a smile on her face when she is cooking, which is something I find amazing."
Allen Ranson, Louisville CO
"She was a pleasure to have in our home for the short time she needed to whip up a delightful variety main dishes and salads. We loved working with Angie and very highly recommend her to others looking for personal chef services! From personal experience, I also think her services would make an extremely thoughtful baby gift!"
Jana Watson-Capps

Hire a Personal Chef for your Denver Dinner Party or Event

As a personal chef, I am comfortable providing an amazing culinary experience for guests at your special events whether you will have 5 or 50 people joining you.  I can implement a menu of your choosing, or I will be happy to work with you to create the exact experience you are hoping to deliver to your guests.  Keep me in mind for events of all types - parties, holiday gatherings, anniversaries and wedding receptions to name a few.  A popular option is helping create a romantic evening for two.

Hire a Personal Chef for the Night

From a formal dinner to casual gathering I will prepare an appropriate feast that will leave you, and your guests, with a big smile on their faces.  Having owned, and operated, several cafe's and a restaurant I know how to create the environment, and the food, that you are looking for!  I look forward to being able to deliver an exceptional experience for your company.




Cooking Classes in Denver CO

I enjoy teaching cooking classes to both individuals and small groups - either in your home or occasionally at a location I provide.  I will help introduce healthy alternatives to many popular ingredients if you are open to suggestions on this front.  The goal being fresh, healthy food with maximum flavor for your enjoyment.  I can help you explore your areas of interest in more detail and these classes can also focus on those of you who want to have fun with a specialized diet plan!  There is nothing quite like taking an otherwise restrictive diet plan and turning it into something much more enjoyable!

Your Personal Chef Nutritionist Who Also Offers Cooking Classes in your Home

My education as a nutritionist has opened my eyes on how to best serve the individual.  There is truly no single diet that serves all people permanently.  Someone who has been through an extended illness will need a diet to facilitate deep nourishment for recovery over time while someone who is trying to lose weight may have a completely separate set of needs currently.  These needs can shift over time and learning how to stay in step with what your body is currently asking for is part of a long-term approach to health that popular culture frequently misses entirely.

I will custom prepare the menus we use during class to suit your needs and various interests.  Health concerns, new ideas, techniques and generally important information will be prioritized to ensure you go home full of creative ideas and enthusiasm.

Hire a Private Cook Who is a Personal Chef Nutritionist!

As a personal chef with a holistic interest, studying for my certification as a nutritionist was an eye-opening experience on many levels. People frequently believe there is one best diet for all people but what is much more likely the case is that the ideal diet for a person can be impacted by many variables. Different life circumstances, degrees of health, age differences, sex, and numerous other factors can require vastly different diet choices.  These differences, when combined with proper nutrient and hormonal testing, can make a world of difference in the outcome you experience.  Wouldn't you like to learn more about the foods that would benefit you more specifically? If so, give me a call and set up an appointment today.


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