Offering Services in Catering


Weekly Meal Planning, Preparation and Delivery
Weekly meals: – cost varies according to portion size, quantity, and frequency. Service can be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or whatever fits your schedule.

Dinner Parties: -two course dinner -three course dinner -four course dinner

Holiday parties: – you can host the holiday meal at your home and spend your time to enjoying your guests..

Catering services

– Professional catering services for events for up to 50 people. I will present ideas, and/or incorporate yours.

Chef Prepared
Romantic Meal for Two

– treat your loved one to a romantic dinner prepared in your home. Menu selection of your choice which would include appetizer or salad, entree, and dessert. Flowers and Candles for your Table, Serving and Clean-up. I will do the dishes and leave you alone for dessert.

Personal Chef Vacation Package

– a personal chef is an affordable alternative to dining out or spending your vacation time shopping and cooking. All meals are prepared at your accommodation using the freshest local ingredients.
– you can enjoy your chef for one night, two or an entire week.


Angie’s Secret Garden provides catering services for all occasions.

Corporate Event Catering

Rather than the cheap donuts and junk food frequently provided at Corporate events, why not consider the higher quality and healthy alternatives for your workforce?  There is ever increasing awareness regarding the role of a healthy diet and how it impacts both performance on a daily basis and long term health.  Consider the message you might be sending your employees when you provide low-quality food at important events.

Our delicious healthy dishes will be a pleasant surprise for your guests, and they will be served with a professional presence.  We pay attention to detail so your company can relax, enjoy the presentation/company as well as the food.  We also provide ongoing meal plans for employee lunches at their place of work.

Wedding Catering Services

Weddings are a special occasion like few others.  We love providing wedding guests a range of delectable treats as we know that this day will be remembered like few others!  We want to spoil your guests with delicious treats and of course the main meal made in heaven.  We will prepare the meals and refreshments, deliver them to your reception, set up the serving area as well as assisting in serving your guests directly should that be of interest to you.  We also cater to the level of service you might require.  We want you to be able to relax in relation to the food component on this truly important day.  We are the professional partner you can rely on to deliver.

Social events

It is no secret that great food adds to any social event.  Many people will skimp a bit simply because shopping and preparing food can be a burden in relation to time and energy – particularly when you know certain guests have dietary restrictions.  This is where we excel – Angie’s Secret Garden has provided services for a variety of social events ranging from birthdays to casual parties with family and friends.  Per your approval, we will provide your guests with a fantastic range of delectable dishes and refreshments, so you can put your attention on connecting with your guests.


Delicious appetizers can help take the edge off as your guests get familiar with others at a party.  For those who might have walked in a bit hungry this can improve their experience a great deal.  The mood and experience of your visitors is  important – so consider providing them with a delicious variety of appetizers.

Desert Offerings

We offer a delightful range of yummy desserts for you and your guests to indulge in after enjoying the main meal. These include delicious confectioneries, pastries, fruits, refreshing beverages, and soft drinks.

Custom Meals

We can be as flexible as you, and your guests, dietary needs might be.  We are well acquainted with providing gluten-free, vegan/vegetarian, dairy-free and a variety of other recipes conforming to the dietary need of your choice.

Wholesome Meal

We strive to deliver both healthy and delicious meals.  Our team is led by Chef Angie who is a Certified Nutrition Consultant (Bauman College Graduate). She applies her expertise to create original recipes and utilizes innovative food preparation techniques that preserve the nutritional values of all the ingredients without compromising flavor.

A Personal Touch

At Angie’s Secret Garden, we go the extra mile to make your experience memorable as we naturally want your guests to walk out feeling they had an extraordinary time.

Professional Services

Chef Angie who is the founder of Angie’s Secret Garden has had a long and successful career working as a personal chef and nutrition consultant in Boulder, Colorado. She and her team are dedicated to providing friendly professional service.

A History of Solid Catering Reviews

Angie’s Secret Garden has built a reputation as a professional and reliable catering company – her customer’s compliments speak to this loudly.


catering-meal-planning-nutrition-and-healthGift Certificates Available!

Offering those you love the gift of healthy delicious food delivered to their door won't be quickly forgotten. I offer gift certificates for all the services listed on this page.

Healthy Menus from your Private Cook

Additional Service Ideas:

Personal Grocery Shopping

Birthday/Anniversary Celebration

In-Home Cooking Classes- Click here
– I can teach you one-on-one or you can gather a group of friends and host a group lesson.

Recipe Creation and Menu Design

A day at the market (1.5 HOURS) $125
– meet the chef at the farmers market, choose ingredients together then go back to your house to cook it.

Kitchen Organization (2.5 HOURS) $250
You really want to cook and create delicious meals for yourself or your family, but you just don’t know what tools to have or it always seems like your kitchen is a mess. I can help you determine the best layout for all your gear and tools. Let’s clean up the clutter and keep only what will help you use your kitchen more successfully. This is a 2 to 3 hour session including clean up of pantry, refrigerator, cabinets, and counters. Cooking equipment recommendations based on your cooking style in order to get full enjoyment out of your kitchen.

Pantry Makeover (1.5 HOURS) $175

Need to clean out your cupboards but not sure what to throw out? Your pantry is the foundation of a healthy diet. Having high quality, wholesome foods on hand is key to making smart food choices throughout the week. I will help you organize your pantry and refrigerator and show you what to get rid of, what to replace it with and then HOW to use it. In this process, I will fill your kitchen with the ingredients that will best support your new eating style.

Health Food Store Tour (1.5 HOURS) $175

  •  1.5 hour store tour of your choosing
  • Learn which areas of the store to gravitate to and which to stay away from
  • Learn how to read food labels
  • How to save time and get in and out of the store quickly including how to write a shopping list
  • How to choose the best produce and what is important to get organic
  • We can menu plan ahead of time and then shop for that menu during our tour