Healthy Menus from your Private Cook

Healthy Menu

Imperial miso soup.

Curry kale salad over quinoa pilaf.

Green tea miso glazed tofu and orange juice-ginger vinaigrette with greens and rice pilaf.

Rice fettuccine with spiced leeks, butternut squash and tarragon.

Asian style grilled tofu and marinated cabbage lavash

Green chili and mint quinoa fettuccine

Gluten & Dairy Free Menu

Creamy lima bean, porcini, and tarragon soup

Candied pecan salad

Quinoa pasta with hemp and cilantro pesto.

Black beans and sweet potatoes enchiladas with tomatillo sauce over brown rice and fresh salsa and guacamole.

Stuffed eggplant with ruby chards and spinach salad

Thai red coconut curry over rice.

Vegan Menu

Chickpea, saffron, and lemon chremoula soup

Jamaican coconut and yam stew with cilantro rice.

Cajun crusted tempeh with Lemon-Caper-Dill Cream and braised collard greens.

Apples and figs rice fettuccini

Kale, chards and roasted yams with raspberry vinaigrette

Jamaican Jerk tempeh with coconut sauce over forbidden rice


Cream of butternut squash and sage

Parsnip and celery root puree

Wild mushroom stew with beef

Fennel tarragon salad

Savory crepes with chicken and “creamy” mushroom sauce

Polish hunter stew with cauliflower mash

Asian lemongrass salmon curry


Avocado and eggs fat bombs

Zucchini noodles with basil and macadamia nuts pesto

Chili lime chicken with ghee

Salmon stuffed endives with fennel vinaigrette

Rosemary coconut flour bread

Keto raw cacao pie

Maple macadamia nut cookies