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How this personal chef came to be

Beginnings & Early Successes

Born and raised in Europe, Angie developed a true affinity and love for cooking at an early age. Her family was a family of chefs and cooking was a daily ritual. She was given the nickname of “The Little Taster” as her skill for suggesting improvements to her family’s recipes was recognized early on. She continued to pursue her passion by completing culinary school in Poland, earning a Master’s Degree, as well as receiving extensive training in restaurant management and nutrition. After working and managing restaurants in Poland, she moved to the United States and opened the first cafe in Waynesville, NC with vegetarian and vegan options.

Following up on this success, she became the Owner/Chef of D’Lish Very Vegetarian restaurant, which immediately became known as ‘the’ healthy place to eat in Sedona. Then she opened Green Carrot Cafe in Cottonwood AZ and D’lish express, a take-out place, in Sedona. Angie’s amazing menu at D’lish earned her an appearance on Andrew Zimmern’s Travel Channel TV Show, Bizarre Foods. D’Lish had been featured on local TV shows as well as international interests. D’Lish was voted “Best Vegetarian Restaurant in the Verde Valley” by Kudos Magazine 5 years in a row. Numerous articles were written about her creations in Sedona Monthly, Veg News and hundreds of positive reviews can be found on either or Her specialty is cooking for diffrent dietary restrictions and healing diets. She is also a Holistic Nutrition Consultant at, where she helps women with hormonal imbalances.

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Culinary Philosophy

Through following her passion and creativity at D’Lish, she helped hundreds of people to heal themselves by sharing the nutritional information and proper diets they needed for their individual conditions. She developed one of the largest organic vegetarian and vegan menus in the entire country.  But don’t be put off if this type of food sounds ‘a little too healthy’, Angie is well trained in many types of cuisine and she is happy to cater to your preferences! She specializes in cooking for different culinary needs and healing diets, such as: Paleo, Keto, Raw Food, AIP, Whole 30 and more. Chef Angie is now based in Boulder, Colorado.

For Angie, creating food is an expression of her soul and using organic ingredients is her way to connect with Mother Earth. Angie’s food is a celebration of flavor and nutrition balanced with the pure intent to partake in the best of what Mother Earth has to offer our bodies.

Although she has a wide range of cooking experience, her specialty is centered around holistic, ethnic cooking, keto, paleo, Whole 30, vegetarian, vegan, AIP, raw cuisine and more! Catering to dietary needs such as diabetes, low fat, low carb, low sodium and gluten free are all a part of Angie’s daily routine. She can create the perfect meal for anyone!

Health Benefits

Angie believes that food should not only nourish your body but it should be a gratifying experience. She loves sharing her passion for cooking with those who want to eat better and want to be healthier. With Angie as your personal chef, you can forget about the work involved in preparing a healthy dinner.

Her primary focus has always been promoting health and disease prevention through healthy eating and healthy living. She is committed to providing healthy gourmet meals created with awareness and attention to detail.

This means her food is as close to the way food was intended to be: free of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics, hormones, genetically-engineered ingredients, or irradiation. Her creations are free of high fructose corn syrup, conventional sugar, bleached white flour, chemical preservatives, artificial colors and hydrogenated fats. Continuing to create, Angie is now working on her cookbook, and offering her unique and amazing artistry with food throughout Boulder and Denver region.
The Chef Speaks

catering-meal-planning-nutrition-and-healthI believe heartfully prepared organic food can foster an incredible life experience. My mission is to simply bring you joy, nutrition and all the happiness that great tasting organic food can provide. Amazing food can turn any occasion into a delicious memory, strengthen a sense of family connection and awaken an inner passion for exploring the wonderful world of culinary delights. I am here to make your life easier, by preparing a meal for you that is both rejuvenating and nutritious - all from the comfort of your own home. Whichever direction it takes you, the beauty of food awaits.


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