Chef Angie's Testimonials!

“Angie has been cooking for us for almost a year, and this allows us to have more time to do the things we love rather than cooking. It’s such a breeze.

She designs a menu, shops, cooks and cleans. All of the food is organic and based on our dietary restrictions and preferences. If you add up all of the time and money spent eating out and/or preparing your own meals, having Angie’s service is a no-brainer.

We give her a great reference and highly recommend her services. Angie is also very pleasant to work with and she has a wealth of knowledge in the holistic foods and nutrition industry.”

–Stephanie Long

“We are busy accountants who wanted to try a healthier eating regime this tax season. We found Angie online and she has absolutely exceeded all of our expectations!

Angie is a wonderful cook with a vast knowledge of nutrition. We wanted a vegan menu because it’s healthier and also because we are animal lovers. Angie is a dream. She had her own vegan restaurant in Sedona (which got rave reviews) and now we know why! Her food is absolutely delicious — very well flavored and full of fresh and healthy ingredients. Her menus are interesting and always different and we love everything she makes. She is completely reliable (which is important to us during this busy time of year). She arrives early with bags full of yummy groceries and she brings her own knives and commercial appliances. Within half an hour our kitchen is filled with tantalizing smells. She makes us dinners for five nights with lots of leftovers so that we can have lunches also. She always has all the ingredients she needs and she is an extremely creative cook — preparing luscious meals off the top of her head and faster than you can believe. She totally cleans up after herself and leaves our kitchen full of tempting treats for the following week. We love it right after Angie leaves when we get to sample all of the week’s delicacies.”

–Ellen McGrath

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“Angie is an incredibly talented vegan chef! We’ve enjoyed her cooking both for our small family as well as dinner parties of 16. She is very professional and can prepare, in two hours time, enough food to last us an entire week. She even does the grocery shopping. All we do is enjoy the delicious dishes and the sparkling kitchen she leaves behind. We highly recommend the Jamaican coconut and yam stew and her chocolate pie!”

–Ruthie Swartzlander

“Then, two or three days after she leaves, she emails us the next week’s menu. We can count on Angie — she always shows up, delivers what she says she will and treats us to all sorts of good nutrition facts while she is cooking. Originally, our plan was to just have Angie cook for us during tax season. But she has made our lives so much easier, that we are considering keeping her all year long. I promise you, Angie does NOT disappoint.”

–Donna and Carrol

“I had Chef Angie come to my house to cook my family dinner. She made an incredible four course meal. It was extremely fresh, filled with flavor and healthy to boot. Everyone present loved it. Somehow she always seems to have a smile on her face when she is cooking, which is something I find amazing.”

–Allen Ranson, Louisville CO

Angie has been cooking for us a little over seven months and what a blessing she has been and continues to be for our family! As a cancer survivor, I require a diet full of cancer-fighting foods and my body is no longer able to tolerate dairy. Our son is on a gluten-free/dairy free/soy-free diet due to his autism diagnosis. Angie works around our dietary needs and always prepares delicious, nutritious and diverse meals. She shows up every week with an amazing amount of enthusiasm and energy. By the time she leaves our home we have at least five days worth of amazing food and are free to spend more time together as a family. We just adore Angie and her wonderful cooking!!”

–Megan Nelson

After our second baby was born we had very little time for healthy cooking. Angie came to the rescue by cooking delicious and nutritious complete meals for an entire week in just one short visit per week. For a nursing mother with a two-year old at home, it was wonderful to have my fridge stocked with such incredible meals. She was a pleasure to have in our home for the short time she needed to whip up a delightful variety main dishes and salads. We loved working with Angie and very highly recommend her to others looking for personal chef services! From personal experience, I also think her services would make an extremely thoughtful baby gift!”

–Jana Watson-Capps

“My husband and I are typical, busy 30-somethings. In trying to get everything else done, we were cutting corners on food; meal planning and prep was always pushed down the to-do list. Ironically, we were also doing more research into real food and valued eating healthy, but couldn’t seem to create time for it and as a result were eating out more often than is reasonable. I have never known anyone who used a personal chef, so the concept was foreign to me, but I finally started looking into it and found Chef Angie.

In a nutshell, she’s been fantastic! I was expecting the time savings of day-to-day meal prep and cleanup, but was astonished to realize how much mental energy meal planning (and worry/guilt about lack of planning) had been taking – it was a huge load off my shoulders when I was able to stop thinking about “what’s for dinner?” To top it off, everything has been delicious – we feel as though we have a restaurant in our refrigerator to select from each night! As an added bonus, my husband has lost 20+ pounds and is back to his high school weight.”

-Allie & Ryan
Denver, CO