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Personal Cook and Catering

Angie’s Secret Garden of Denver offers personal chef, catering, and nutrition related services. The packages available include: Personal Chef services including meal planning, food preparation & delivery, catering, cooking classes, private party food preparation and nutrition consultations.

The business is owned by Chef Angie Spuzak, a natural and fully qualified nutritionist who approaches catering and cuisine in a holistic manner. Throughout her career, she has owned and managed several cafe's and a restaurant, where she sharpened her expertise in preparing many varieties of menus and delicious foods for her clients. Chef Angie’s goal is to improve your living standards by preparing cuisine that’s convenient, healthy, therapeutic and refreshing.

Supporting your health goals takes a concerted effort when considering our incredibly busy lives.  Having a partner who is focused on crafting carefully planned meal choices is a sure way to guarantee that your food is both delicious and packed with the nutrition we all know we need yet somehow find it difficult to build into our lives consistently.  This kind of support can help you avoid lifestyle conditions that lead to poor diet choices which seems the easiest choice at every turn. There’s nothing more satisfying than having your own personal chef deliver healthy and nutritious food right to your doorstep, up to 3 days at a time.  Call Chef Angie today to discuss how her service can help with your overall health, weight loss, and in relation to specific areas you have concerns about.  Her background as a nutrition consultant will serve those of you suffering from a variety of issues and particularly those related to hormonal imbalances.

Personal Chef Services


Take advantage of Angie’s years as the owner-operator of several cafes and a restaurant that focused on only the healthiest options available.

Personal chef, Service

Cooking Classes


Cooking classes are a great way to learn new skills while having fun with a group of friends! This is a great gift, and is guaranteed to both entertain and educate.

Cooking classes

Private Parties and Events

Event and party catering and food preparation

Event and party catering and food preparation
There is nothing quite like providing an enjoyable time for your friends with a fantastic spread of delicious healthy food without being distracted by its preparation! Enjoy your company while letting me worry about prep, cooking and cleanup!

Catering, Private Parties and Events

Nutrition and Health Coaching

Top Nutrient Counseling and Nutritionist

There is nothing quite like providing an enjoyable time for your friends with a fantastic spread of delicious healthy food without being distracted by its preparation! Enjoy your company while letting me worry about prep, cooking and cleanup!

Nutritionist, Coaching

Private cook, Service

Though most of my client seeking the ease of having food delivered to their homes, I still specialize in cooking for people with special dietary needs due to recommendations from healthcare providers because of allergies or sickness. Furthermore, I wholly support those who want to try out different new diet options for optimal health, vigor and weight loss or gain. I strive to cook using only the finest seasonal, natural and local ingredients that are available.

Moreover, all my meals are free of preservatives and harmful toxins which makes them a top priority among my clients. A strict focus on clean healthy foods is my motto as a nutritionist when preparing different diets such as AIP, Paleo and many others. Throughout my career as a private chef, I’ve helped many people shed extra weight by restructuring their daily dietary plan.

I was educated at Bauman College where I graduated with a certificate in Nutrition Consulting. With my skills, am fully qualified to conduct a thorough nutritional assessment of your specific situation and recommend the appropriate foods to consume.

Denver Personal Chef in Kitchen | Angie Spuzak
At your request, we can explore your blood chemical composition to gain a detailed understanding of your body’s nutritional weaknesses, with nutrient and hormonal balance being the top priorities.

Most of my clients appreciate the extra time that getting a personal chef provides them, so that they can enjoy it with their families. Focusing on building these relationships, instead of having to prepare food every so often, has made a really big difference in their lives.

Nowadays, it’s common knowledge that proper management of time is important if we are to live a fruitful life. Try hiring a private chef to discover these benefits for yourself!

I also enjoy making food at private parties and events, as well as providing catering for various special occasions. Not to mention my teaching services-If you and your friends are interested in coming together for brief cooking classes on different preparation techniques and foods, simply call my line!

I offer competent cooking services covering the regions of Boulder and Denver. My aim is to help you create new and nutritious dining trends, should you require them, but without wasting time with the planning, shopping and cooking stages. Being a trained nutritionist, I will try my best to keep you on the right path towards meeting your health and wellness goals!

Private Cook Testimonials

In a nutshell, shes been fantastic! It was a huge load off my shoulders when I was able to stop thinking about whats for dinner? I was expecting the time savings of day-to-day meal prep and cleanup, but was astonished to realize how much mental energy meal planning (and worry/guilt about lack of planning) had been taking it off, everything has been delicious and we feel as though we have a restaurant in our refrigerator to select from each night! As an added bonus, my husband has lost 20+ pounds and is back to his high school weight.

Allie & Ryan – Denver, CO

“I had Chef Angie come to my house to cook my family dinner. She made an incredible four course meal. It was extremely fresh, filled with flavor and healthy to boot. Everyone present loved it. Somehow she always seems to have a smile on her face when she is cooking, which is something I find amazing.”

Allen Ranson, Louisville CO

“She was a pleasure to have in our home for the short time she needed to whip up a delightful variety main dishes and salads. We loved working with Angie and very highly recommend her to others looking for personal chef services! From personal experience, I also think her services would make an extremely thoughtful baby gift!”

Jana Watson-Capps

Dinner Party cook, Caterer

Being a seasoned Denver Personal Chef, I’m very comfortable with providing a memorable catering experience for your private parties and events, and it doesn’t matter whether the event has 5 or 50 attendees.
I can prepare a conducive menu for you right from scratch, or alternatively work with you towards creating a quality catering experience that your guests will truly enjoy. Remember to contact me for all types of events including; parties, holiday get-togethers, wedding receptions and anniversaries among others. One of the most popular requests I get as a private chef is helping to make a romantic dinner for two.

Personal Chef – Hire for the Night

It doesn’t matter whether you are planning for a formal dinner or private parties and events, I will treat the entire group to a sumptuous feast that will leave everyone with a bright smile to carry home.

Having owned and run multiple café’s and a restaurant, I have the requisite knowledge to create the perfect setting, and food, which you require. I gladly envision the opportunity to help you create an exceptional catering experience for your business.

Chef Angie Spuzak Denver Area

Cooking Classes

I have a knack for providing cooking classes to both individuals, and small organizations, whether it’s at your residence/business or at another location of my choosing.

As you prefer, I can provide various healthy alternatives to popular ingredients if you are comfortable with my suggestions. The aim of my cooking classes is providing fresh, nutritious food with great flavor for your enjoyment.

Through my cooking classes, I can help you discover new areas of interest in your menu planning (and you can try some of your own by visiting my Holistic Recipe Blog Here). My training can also be tailored to focus on those who want to enjoy a personalized diet plan! Nothing beats the feeling of revamping an otherwise outdated menu into something that’s much more satisfying!

Your Personal Chef Nutritionist Who Also Offers Cooking Classes in your Home

For someone who’s going through a prolonged illness, they will certainly need a diet that promotes deep nourishment for consistent healing over time. Whereas somebody interested in losing weight may be having different needs in terms of their meal plan. Likewise, these needs may occasionally vary and require you to adapt so as to embrace what your body currently requires in order to maintain vigorous health.

The techniques I have incorporated as a Nutrition Consultant, and Private Chef, can help both your immediate and longer term health goals. This is the extreme opposite of the fast food culture we have to resist on a daily basis.

I take my time to custom-make each menu that I use during cooking classes, so as to suit your different needs and likes. In our nutrition consulting, we cover topics such as health concerns, cooking techniques and new ideas, including other generally important details that we prioritize to ensure that you leave our classes full of new ideas, excitement and a belly full of new fresh delicacies.

Nutrition - Consultations!

As a personal chef with a holistic interest, studying for my certification as a nutritionist was an eye-opening experience on many levels. I quickly discovered a common fallacy that there is one best diet for all people and realized that an individuals dietary needs can be impacted by many variables. Variables such as different life circumstances, stages of health, age differences, sex, and numerous other factors that can require different diet choices. These differences, when combined with proper testing of nutrient and hormonal panels, can make all the difference in the results achieved.

Wouldn't you like to learn more about the foods that would benefit you more specifically? If so, give me a call and set up an appointment today.

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